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Attention Customers


Growing up in the town of Midwest City, Oklahoma a spunky, ambitious teenager finds herself trapped in the local mall. Desperate for help, she finds a guidance counselor who doesn't give any guidance and no matter what she does to escape, the mall pulls her back to celebrate holidays, to entice her with the cool kids, and to trick her into terrible talent shows. Knowing that there is more to life than an average middle American town, Traci's desperation hits the max and she attempts the unthinkable: to burn down the mall! She soon realizes this place is home to so many others and it's been a home to her and that even though you gotta get out, staying put can teach you about where you are

"Attention Customers" is Traci's 2nd solo play. It was conceived and developed with the solo playwriting workshop, Go-Solo. The first staged reading was performed on December 13, 2016 at Theater Lab New York. 

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